The Storm

Darkened sky, harassed earth

there is a storm brewing

disrupting normalcy

it reminds me of my life

just after you left me


Lightning strikes

with blinding light

showing an unmatched beauty of its own

it reminds me

of the way you laughed

on the day that you broke my heart


Sound of thunder

cruel and scary

deafening and soul crushing

it reminds me of the sound of your feet

which echoed in my empty heart

the day you left me


Pools of water

slippery and murky

they remind me of the tears I cried

when you went away


Tomorrow, the storm will be gone

everything will be back to normal

water will replenish the plants

thunder and lightning will only be memories

blooms will glisten with dew

after the gloom and darkness

The morning will look even more beautiful

it reminds me of how I survived

and lived my life

even after your betrayal
(c) Vindhya Colombage

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