I was so close to you

it felt like we shared the same breath

I moved in closer; I could feel the quickening of pulses

trembling of the racing heart beats

but couldn’t fathom whose


You moved closer; your image became larger than life

I closed my eyes, but the presence lingered

it became over whelming

I turned and started running


I heard footsteps, which were not mine

turned and saw that you were running too

running towards the opposite direction

I thought only I have felt the closeness

and only I was scared

No, you have felt it too

the urge…the presence…demands!

Scary as hell


I ran for a long time

after sometime, I saw you

running towards me

and I was running towards you!

it was too late

when we realized

we have been running in a circle


Sooner or later

You and I

will collide


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