Ego is an indicator of success. If there is still room within you for a big ego that means there is not enough room for work that will make you a success.

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    By Apolinario Villalobos
    When does one say, “I am successful”.
    Is it when he has become the head of a country?
    …graduated from a prestigious university
    with the highest college degree?
    …married and have children
    to constitute a big family? or
    …become the president of a company
    and enjoy the luxury of money?
    Success is more than money…
    more than an college degree…
    more than a prestigious job…
    and more than a big family.
    Success is that which the heart desires,
    contentment in life regardless of how far one has gone,
    having used to the fullest what God has given,
    for it is how we are measured when our life is done.
    Success is having shared one’s blessings with the less fortunate
    without expecting something in return;
    It is that ecstatic feeling when you made someone happy
    even with just a word of advice or
    just being beside him as a needed company.
    Success is that immeasurable feeling of happiness
    when at a ripe age you have no guilt to amend for,
    remorse to cry for, and indebtedness that should be settled
    before your sight is dimmed and you sighed your last.


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