I am your ruin

My feet light as a cat’s
I tiptoed in to your life
fascinated by all you have endured
mesmerized by the depth of your character
captivated by the boundlessness of your heart
I stayed in your life
I was the cool breeze
you have been looking for your whole life
I was your strength when the seas were rough
I was your sunshine
when the darkness of storms fell
I will always be your private heaven
filling your heart with happiness
like you have never known before
soothing you like no one has ever soothed
nurturing you and loving you like you are meant to be
I am and will be your everything
But I will never be yours
being everything you have wished for yourself
I have ruined you for everyone else
being your sun, the brightest star in your sky
I have ruined your appetence for the other stars
and blinded you for the beauty of the moon
loving you like no other
I have ruined your chance of being content
with a lesser kind of love
I am everything that you have ever wanted
but I am not yours to take
I am the downfall of normalcy as you have known it
I am your ruin.


© Vindhya Colombage

18 thoughts on “I am your ruin

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  1. Lovely poem.other name of love is to ruin or ruined beloved because first love is true love.if one has lost it then never can pure love.


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