Fallen greatness

We were great, we were legends
we made history
we had everything, material and immaterial
then we forgot how we became legends
we forgot how we made history
we forgot that we made it together
I thought I did more than you
you thought it was you
we didn’t realize it was a partnership
ego overtook sense and sensibility
greed seeped slowly into abandoned hearts
Distance grew gradually
empathy drifted away speedily
alone and top of the world
neither could do what we did together
From the top it was a long fall
with no one to cushion the fall
it was painful, miserable and fatal
By the time we understood
the secret to success was ‘us’
neither me nor you
alas it was too late


Photo credit: Pinterest
Β© Vindhya Colombage

18 thoughts on “Fallen greatness

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  1. Wonderful story. A chronicling of a lesson for all of us. Meaning disappearing in a kind of a Spiritual way where the “I” is subdominant. It is like a fable, marvelous.

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