The Virtuous; an illusion

She is a self-declared saint
claims she has no remorse
yet she spends her days
writing lists of the handful of good deeds
she has ever done
She claims to have a heart filled of pureness
yet she spends her days
trying to prove that she is above the rest of us
She claims she is wise
yet she spends her days
pointing her finger and accusing others
She claims she is content with her life
yet she spends her days
trying to prove that we lead sad and miserable lives
She looks at the mirror and try to see the illusion she created
hiding the wicked witch’s hat she wears
The world sees her as she is
so she tries to prove that illusions are true
without living her life
and she desperately hopes
that everyone will stop living their lives
just to listen to an illusion of a virtuous






15 thoughts on “The Virtuous; an illusion

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  1. Have you ever felt that the Guiltiest writes the lengthiest letters explaining themselves, has the loudest voice when accusing others and always try to convince the others that they are the wronged ones 😀
    To all the wicked witches we have met in our lives…lets thank them for making us stronger and more determined 🙂 😀

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