The Cursed Sanctuary

You gathered me into your arms
held me close to your heart
whispering in my ears
that you will take care of me
all the while
you were slowly inching towards
the edge
When I opened my eyes
I was between you
and the empty space off the edge
you gave me a cold smile
but love shined in your eyes
becoming an obsession
and you whispered in your soothing voice
“No one can reach you my love
this will be the only sanctuary for you now”
Your arms around me, warmed me
Yet, they squeezed me breathless
Your voice soothed me
Yet, the heaviness of it scared me
Your eyes assured me of love
Yet, the intensity of them
made me want to run
But here I am
still trapped and prisoned
by my own sanctuary
Between an empty space
and your love
© Vindhya Colombage 2017
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27 thoughts on “The Cursed Sanctuary

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  1. This is a good poem but I hope neither you nor anyone you know is in that situation. It would signify control rather than true love. A true lover does not seek to control, to dominate. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following. 🙂 — Suzanne

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