The Witch Hunt

The hunt has begun
They are chasing me
judgmental looks on their faces
disgust filling their minds
convinced that I should be persecuted
just because I have listened to my heart
They want to imprison me
planning to mold me into one of them
wanting to erase my memories
just because I have followed my heart
They want to execute me
for I will not walk in their path
and will always remain by your side
for them, I have become a witch
and they are hunting me
convinced that I should be burnt
for they do not want to believe
that I am doing the right thing
I am being hunted
for they are too prejudiced to see
that right thing could be different from what they know
They are hunting me
for they are too blind to see
the difference we are making
The hunt continues…


© Vindhya Colombage 2017
Photo credite: BUST magazine

14 thoughts on “The Witch Hunt

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  1. It makes me think of the many Christians in our world who are persecuted, even to death, for their faith in Jesus. Witch hunts are generally close-minded and end badly!

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