The Chameleon

I fit in among diamonds
I can wear fir and Prada
and walk as if life is a ramp
They fall at my feet
and trail behind me
waiting for my wish
which will be their command
I fit in among glass and beads
I can wear rags
and simply walk bare feet
They rush to my help
like knights to a distressed damsel
trying to protect me
I can sit like a lady
Fight like a vagrant
or run like a scared maiden
I have many facets
which I live one at a time
sometimes repeating the acts
when the time calls
The world has taught me
The survival is for the fittest
and to be the fittest
One needs to fit in
to fit in
one needs to manipulate
I have become this chameleon
no one knows the real me
they see what I show them
and flock around me
They flock around me
Because, I have mastered the game so well
no one knows I am a Chameleon


© Vindhya Colombage
Photo credit: Merilena Mexi

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