Better before you

You read me poetry
Gave me the words I wanted to hear
You came when I was lost
and helped me to find myself
But in a blink of an eye
You left me stranded in middle of nowhere
The loneliness was there even before you came
but it was not this painful
The darkness was there
but it was not this blinding
I was already hurt
but not this fatally
My heart was broken
but not into this many pieces
You have left me more lost and broken than ever
Yet each small piece of my broken self
await eagerly
Hoping that you would come again
I wait for the words that you promised
I yearn to hear the untold poems
I’m lost but still waiting


Β© Vindhya Colombage
Photo credit: jmarshall2010, Flickr

34 thoughts on “Better before you

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  1. This somehow sounds like something many people would create poetry on.. you know..
    The whole..
    I was broken.. you came.. you fixed me.. you left me.. and now I’m completely broken..

    But the way you’ve written it.. and the last few lines ..makes this feel as if I’m reading such thing for the first time..

    Beautifully done Vindhya! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

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  2. Sometimes when we lose someone, the pain makes us think it would have been better if we never knew them in the first place…but as time passes by you cling to the memories and keep on hoping…
    This is for all those souls who keep on hoping and wishing πŸ™‚

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  3. Keep up the good work! Life’s most painful experiences are all just learning, although they never seem it at the time. In the words of Bilbo “Adventures! Nasty uncomfortable things, make you late for dinner.”

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  4. At times even if the years have passed, even if you’ve met hundreds of faces that “He” can never be replaced…
    “His” memories will never be blotted…
    Still yearns for a soul who used to be mine… perfectly knowing that I’ve lost at least the right of doing so.

    *Once taken
    Forever be taken..
    If it’s the heart with the correct frequency…
    No matter whether we belong to each other or not…
    The heart still beats just for him and only for him….*

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