The Fading Memory

It has been a long time
Sands of time has covered many things
When I close my eyes
Your picture doesn’t come to my mind
So easily
The face I knew every inch of
Doesn’t come in my dreams very often
The sound of your laugh
Which always made me smile
I can’t remember the melody of it anymore
Your voice
Which I always thought was intoxicating
Like a rich whiskey
I can’t remember the lilt of it anymore
There were days I thought
Without your touch
I would wilt and wither away
Once upon a time
I couldn’t function without hearing your voice
There were promises and pledges
Of undying love and friendship
But now
So much time has passed
You have become a memory
And the memory is fading gradually
But on some rare evenings…
I sit by myself and watch the sunset
Still fighting the feeling of hollowness
and try to shrug off
the aching in my heart
still yearning for you


© Vindhya Colombage
Photo credit: Unkopierbar, DeviantArt

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