The Naked Truth

I hide in darkness
scared of light and its brightness
I have lost the support of earthlings
They manipulate me only focusing on their dealings
They change me and twist me
I have been deformed and defaced
depressed, suppressed and oppressed
just so all of you can achieve your purpose
And, you know who I am
I am the Truth
I have lost my soul
because you have mislaid yours
or filled it with darkness
There is no more faith in me
because there is no place in you for believing
I am not reliable anymore
because you have drilled holes in me
and weakened me
There is no more room in your life for me
because its too full of material luxuries
You keep on ignoring me
Yet blame me for anything that goes wrong
You know who I am
I am the Truth
I am the skeleton hidden in your closet
I am the conscience that won’t let you sleep at night
I am the little annoying voice disrupting your peace
I am the uninvited guest that materialize out of nowhere
when you least expect me
I am the Naked Truth of your life


Β© Vindhya Colombage

25 thoughts on “The Naked Truth

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  1. Wonderfully written, powerful, honest, deep…your written voice speaks about your inner strength, courage and wisdom. Thank you for sharing it to the world! And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored!

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  2. A beautiful personification of the truth and how we tend to treat it, Still, it is the very thing that frees our minds, hearts and souls. Beautiful writing!

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