Rejection to Perfection…(A woman scorned)

When you abandoned
and left me
I reinvented myself
So when we met again
You will fall in love
with the new me
The way I looked at you
through and under
my painted eyelashes
The lingering glances
I gave you
The secret smiles
through the seductively painted lips
The way I tilted my head
to look at you
with silent promises…
I know
all these were driving you insane
Now that I’m done with you
I’m going to leave
wipe my hands and
forget that you existed
But before that
I want you to know
Honey, you stood no chance
When you left me
I reinvented myself
to make you fall in love with me
so that I could break your heart
into small little pieces
and abandon you
Now, we are even.
Photo credit: ‘Alhambra’ – Richard Johnson, Pinterest
© Vindhya Colombage

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