The Phoenix

Words, disguised as promises
led me to sky
I was soaring up
Believing I had the
protection of your wings
Words, in their true form
brought me tumbling down
I went past the earth
beyond where I was
below to a burning dark place
Accusing glances burnt me
Whispers behind my back
scorched and seared me
fingers pointed more fire at me
I was trapped and burning
I was trapped and burning
for I gave up fighting for me
for the strongest enemy
was not out there
but within me
acrimonious and contemptuous
and dragging me to the bottom
Then I met her
Strongest and most faithful
She was not out there
I found her from within
compassionate and reassuring
She fought for me valiantly
to regain all lost things
I stopped feeling the fire
and I felt free
I found her
so she can find me
and we stand here
rising from the ashes
more majestic and resilient
like the magnificent phoenix
Β© Vindhya Colombage

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