Uncharted Path

Following the crowd aimlessly
on the well-travelled road…
I stumbled upon
a rarely treaded footpath
while everyone counselled about hardships
and advised not to go against the norms
I placed one foot in front of the other
to cautiously explore the
uncharted avenues
I met a fellow voyager
different he was in many ways
from the eligible bachelors of the
well-travelled road
yet he was the mate to my soul
Travelling hand in hand
we enjoy every minute
of this adventurous path
the travellers of the road
still whisper behind our back
because we don’t travel the road
because we don’t fit their time lines
But we enjoy this wilderness
and so crave this togetherness
naive, we are  not
though different, we know
the destination of this path is the same
as any well-travelled road
Reaper awaits us at the end of the path
But, that won’t deter us
we continue through the
uncharted path


Β©Vindhya Colombage
Picture credit: Danny Beath; National News & Pictures

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