Quantifying everything
the norm is to assign a digit
to everything we see
Distance is measured
they assign a number
for the space between two people
so how can there be
an unreachable distance
between two humans
who live under the same roof
Knowledge is measured
with ranks and scores
so how can there be
ignorant scholars
who know nothing about
misery of a human heart
or the struggles of
another human being
Life is measured
they count the years
so how can there be
some who live so many years
but never living the life
and some who live only a few years
but they live the life to the fullest
There are so many numbers
surrounding us, confusing us
we look at the digits
but not the feelings
we look at the ciphers
but not the message
we look at the facts and stats
but not the stories
we focus on the quantity
but forget what matters in the end is


© Vindhya Colombage

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