A Mona Lisa Smile

I wear it the way,

the world expect me to

eyes sparkling, lips shining

a big heart-warming smile

yet, all the while

the furious voice

of my conscience

keep on wailing

the whole parade is



I wear it though it’s least expected

and the whole world can’t believe I would

eyes bright and head held high

a strong and unwavering smile

yet, all the while

my heart is stammering

with a trembling and scared voice

that the whole thing is

unfair and unjust


I wear it

a smile, pretentious and misleading

like the world which expect the smile

I wear it

a smile, strong like a knights armour

which protects me from the

world that expects a smile from me

I wear it

a smile, genuine and happy

for those few and rare humans

who are unpretentious

and humane


© Vindhya Colombage


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