Silent Warrior

the mornings are bright
the sky is clear
birds sing cheerfully
yet, there is a heaviness
in your heart
and a darkness swallowing you
gradually engulfing you
in an inexplicable grief
and you need the courage of a Samurai
to drag yourself off the bed
and to face the world

the afternoons are
bright and sunny
surrounded by friends
listening to the music of their laughter 
watching their animated chatter
an ice-cream in hand
yet, there is an emptiness inside you
gradually overshadowing any happy thought
creating a hollowness inside you
and, you need the willpower of a knight
to shake the dark feelings off

you seem to be your normal self
yet, there is a war waging within you
you are fighting your own battles
courageously defeating your demons
with a smile, veiling your true feelings
or an expressionless face
covering your true emotions

Every second
there is someone
judging you
not knowing your battles
not seeing your scars
but you just go on
ignoring them
because you are strong enough
and kind enough 
to understand
that they may have their own battles to fight
and their own scars to hide

Β© Vindhya Colombage
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