You are not The One

Your fingers are entwined with mine
our hands fit perfectly together
the warmth of our joined hands 
send a tingle through my body are not the one for me

Your soul is tangled with mine
perfect mates for each other
our emotions conjoined
the strength of understanding
send a jolt of wakening through my mind are not the one for me

Our dreams are perfectly aligned together
complimenting each other's
together we could achieve everything are not the one for me

body, soul, mind and heart
we are a perfect match
an image of a handsome couple
soul mates created in heaven
our minds meet and hearts sessile
but there is something amiss
making me believe
that you are not the one for me

Β© Vindhya Colombage
picture credit


16 thoughts on “You are not The One

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  1. Words that I always wanted to align , but my heart didnt allowed me. Reading this made me perfectly satisfied . Not a single thought is missed.Love it. ❀

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