The ‘domestic’ part doesn’t matter. Violence is violence. If your partner becomes violent towards you remember regardless of what your heart says, it isn’t part of love. That is not love. Raise your voice…If you see someone in need of you help, it doesn’t fall under ‘not my business’ category. Raise your voice…

I loved her
but this isn't love
this is something else
a feeling very powerful
definitely sinister
and evil

I look at her laughing
how could she be happy
when I'm not beside her
jealousy consumes me
so I mark her flawless skin
to remind her she is mine
she keeps quiet
for she loves me
I loved her
but this isn't love

I look at her
she isn't laughing
she doesn't look at me lovingly
how can she be unhappy,
when I'm with her?
insecurity consumes me
so I mark her already bruised skin
she keeps quiet
for she loves me
I loved her 
but this isn't love

Secretly, I followed her
she was with friends
she was at work
she was at a party
she was without me
but her eyes were twinkling like stars
I could smell her happiness
how dare she be happy without me
doubts are killing me
so I kept marking her
she loves me
so she keeps quiet
staring at me 
with glazed eyes

I walk away 
from her still and crumpled form
whispering to myself
you are mine, mine, mine...
you are my obsession

© Vindhya Colombage

photo credit


27 thoughts on “Devious

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    1. No definitely not. But sometimes people tend to forget it and tolerate things that they shouldnt, just to save a relationship. I wanted to show that these type of relationships are not worth saving and it will ultimately destroy all parties involved

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  1. That poem was so sad to read but I’m so glad you wrote this post because it’s such an important topic. You’re right violence is not love. We need to radically change our culture which insists that violence is misplaced care/ admiration towards the other. Thank you for sharing such a powerful piece.

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  2. Hi dear Vindhya,
    Haven’t made the time yet to read your book, but not forgotten about it !
    This poem must be read by many more. Will add it to my list to share via my website.
    Warm regards, Patty

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