I am the Stars in the Sky – Karen Horsley

I am the Stars in the Sky, the second collection of poetry published by Karen truly speaks to the heart. Especially since each poem focuses on voicing inner feelings and emotions as felt by someone battling inner wars and not as a mere observer.

Karen has themed the book into six sections; fear, despair, isolation, change, peace and hope. She uses imagery to create a very poignant and true picture of someone suffering from mental health problems. Her words seem to touch the soul with each poem.

While there are many poems that I like in this book, such as Demons, Don’t Judge and Bubble of Calm, my most favorite poem is the last one from the section themed ‘Hope’ which also happens to be the last poem of the book. Karen has used this poem’s name as the book’s and she finishes the poem with “I am loved and cherished, casting light in the dark, I am the stars in the Sky”

Ending with those inspiring words Karen takes the readers through an emotional journey of hardships, battles and a hard-earned and richly deserved happy ending.

I recommend reading the book, because it is inspiring and stirring.And if you are currently waging your own emotional wars or is trying tounderstand someone who is, this book will definitely help you to put thingsinto perspective.

You can get the book from https://www.amazon.com/Stars-Sky-Finding-light-darkness-ebook/dp/B07J5K8B6W/ and get more of her amazing writing from her website https://blueskydays365.com/.

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