It is misused
its power exaggerated
its darkness overlooked
and its gift forgotten

For some it is a weapon
which they misuse
to hurt their loved ones
or to hide behind it
when just a few words
could save a breaking heart

Some believe it has a healing power
but it can't erase memories already made
nor can it take back words already spoken
or to stop the tears flowing without warning

Some forget the darkness it brings
how miserable it makes us feel at time
or how it makes us feel trapped
and how it forces us to suffer alone in anguish

Some forget how valuable a gift it is
and they break it when its most needed
bringing someone's world down
spilling sorrow, secrets and bitter truths
buried in forgotten corners

misused, exaggerated, overlooked and forgotten
s simply complex paradox

© Vindhya Colombage



17 thoughts on “Silence

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  1. This is beautifully written.. obviously .. like all your other posts… but seriously .. they have a depth not everyone understands.. like sometimes it used to annoy me … I used to think I was loosing it for jst reading too much into words all the time whenever I’d read anything… but with write ups like these.. it helps me to remind myself of my sanity..

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