The Wronged

You think we are voiceless 
that we are quiet
even when faced with your cruelty
but, the bitter truth is
we raise our voice
and we cry out in pain
but your lives are so full of noise
you don't hear our voice

You think we are primitive
that our thoughts are not coherent
and we are void of any emotions
but the bitter truth is
we love deeply than you
our feelings are purer than yours
but your lives are so fast moving
you don't have time for our feelings

You think the world is only yours
that we are here to use you as you wish
that our rights are lesser than yours
because you are the most advanced
but, are you?
the bitter truth is
you have forgotten your soul
you have forgotten the true way of living
the feelings of harmony and oneness with nature
most of all
you have forgotten how to be humane
but, we still do
yet what can we do?
you are wiping us out of the universe
one after another...

© Vindhya Colombage

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