Moon of My Life

 On some days
you are fully there
and exclusively mine
no solitude for me to be found
you follow me everywhere I go
like the moon on a day of full-moon
Then comes the phase
of waning crescent of moon
where you gradually
move away from me
nothing I do seems right
and everything I do seems to irate
Few days later
you would turn into
an old moon
only a little bit of the person I knew
would be left
with your warmth and kindness
drowned in darkness
There are days
you are nowhere to be seen
not a single glimpse
despite all my efforts
no way to get through to you
like a moon on the day of new moon
Then like the first quarter of the moon
you would gradually come back to me
the person I fell in love with
all warmth and laughter
making me fall in love with you
all over again

Then the days of full moon will be back
but there’s no guarantee
the rest of the phases won’t follow
but here we are
phase after phase
through thick and thin

© Vindhya Colombage

"With someone you like that much, the lows are as low as the highs are as high. Does that make sense? It does. It also makes me sound bipolar. Love will do that to a person" Simone Elkeles

Bipolar disorder; You are either too happy, too sad or you just don't care. Finding the feelings in the middle do not come naturally. You have to fight every day to find them.

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