Uncertainty loomed 
 imposing dark clouds
 blocking sunshine from my world
 a dark age, seemingly endless
 looked as if there was no escape from the gloom
 yet, I hanged on
 Pointed stares made life daunting
 words felt like barbed wires
 hurting my already bruised heart
 even breathing became painful
 looked as if the sufferings were endless
 yet, I hanged on
 the weight was too much
 dragging me to the bottom of an endless pit
 too lost to find a direction
 too disoriented to reach the surface
 yet, I hanged on
 one day at a time
 one step after another
 pain faded away to a memory
 sufferings ceased to be another experience
 dark age seemed to be yet another time
 I painted the dark sky into the painting I wanted it to be
 It was better than any silver line
 Because I kept hanging on

© Vindhya Colombage


10 thoughts on “Perseverance

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  1. They are certainly difficult times for your country. I have not visited but the pictures I see show much beauty and life. I hope the dark times will pass and healing can take place. I intend to read more of your work. 🙂

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  2. You express your feelings well, to try and hang on is positive. What is it that you want to hang on to, why is it so important? You have the next poem there. 🙂 Keep writing. I like meeting new writers and exploring their work 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I wrote this to remind myself and my people that we can overcome any obstacle, as we have proven once. Im from Sri Lanka, right now we are going through some tough times…

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  3. Hi Vindhya I know only too well dark times that I cannot seem to raise my spirits. Thank you for liking”Out Of Nowhere! The lake! Those Days! Bustling Days! and Journey!” Very Kind. Also for wanting to follow my poetry adventures like to observe life! Best Wishes#TheFoureyedPoet.

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