Her Fault

 Her hair was blamed 
 Her sassy & short curls
 Her silky straight strands
 Her highlighted waves
 Her pigtails
 Her hair was blamed
 for leading him astray
 But blamed he wasn’t, who pulled her hair to force her
 Her clothes we blamed
 Her long dress
 Her pencil cut skirt
 Her denim shorts
 Her business suits
 Her pinafore dress
 for leading him astray
 But blamed he wasn’t, who tore her clothes away
 Her voice was blamed
 Her laugh was blamed
 Her figure was blamed
 Her job was blamed
 Her schedule was blamed
 But blamed he wasn’t
 The man who forced her
 The man who hurt her
 The man who dishonored her
 He was excused, for being just a man 

 © Vindhya Colombage 16.10.2019 

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