My new Pre-Writing books for Kindergarteners

Visit Amazon and check out my new two Pre-Writing Activity books for 3 to 4 year olds. you can click on the links given below to visit Amazon and preview the content and hopefully to purchase 🙂 Share with your friends, to whom these books will be helpful. Pre-Writing : Make Me Clever Book 1:... Continue Reading →

I promise…

Love I might not the way you want to be loved, But, I promise I promise to listen to you to listen to all of your words to listen to all of thoughts to listen to all of your sighs and to listen to your heart Love I might not the way you want to... Continue Reading →

I wish to love you

I wish to love you... I wish to love you unconditionally to love you when your heart is open to me and to love you when your heart is closed to me I wish to love you fearlessly to love you regardless of who you are with and to love you regardless of where you... Continue Reading →

Scarlet Skies

I'm going to let go let go of this sombre façade free my self of heavy inhibitions I'm going to let loose the child in my heart without hiding anymore I'm going to embrace the scarlet skies I have gathered enough courage to face and learn from mistakes past I'm looking forward to chase my... Continue Reading →

Gone Days

Nothingness comforts mewith the memories of our carefree banterStillness brings outdroplets of happy momentsspent togetherBut its hardto hold onto the memoriesDarkness swallows the reminisceThoughts of lighter memoriesweighed down and drowned guilt and remorse clings onI'm scared tp let goscared to look backscared that the regrets would engulf meSo, I'm staying motionlesspretending to be emotionlessenvying the... Continue Reading →

His Love

The first time I met your eyes I knew that I'm going to love our story But when I saw the way you look at her I felt love like never before Each moment of our story every fight, every cuddle made sure that I loved you more But, when I saw the way you... Continue Reading →

Her Fault

Her hair was blamed Her sassy & short curls Her silky straight strands Her highlighted waves Her pigtails Her hair was blamed for leading him astray But blamed he wasn’t, who pulled her hair to force her   Her clothes we blamed Her long dress Her pencil cut skirt Her denim shorts Her business suits... Continue Reading →

The Rain

Its drizzling after a long drought tiny weightless drops of water sprinkling the parched earth gently waking up the dried up and dead soil it reminds me of your love gentle and patient awakening the emotions bottled up in my lonely heart Its raining with a steady rhythm creating a mesmerising lullaby falling on the... Continue Reading →

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