Your Love Alone…I search for your loveI am yet to see at least a glimpse of youthere is not even a sign of youI have only the memories of our times togetherwarmth of your lovestill lingers in my heartand in my eyesthe tears you gave me…I dont know whether true love is painfullBut I know this... Continue Reading →


The sea of life vast and unpredictable has made us all navigators yet, sense of direction is not  everyone's gift But each turn you take  each choice you make can change the journey of another  so have a care to be sensible and sensitive even if you lack the sense of direction Photo credit: 360... Continue Reading →

Invaders of Earth

There have been others before us and they have left no foot prints there will be others tomorrow but they will see only our footprints stamped everywhere... stealing the uniqueness and purity of the very nature that gave us birth while all the creatures live in harmony why are we stepping in a different path... Continue Reading →

The Moment of Truth

That Moment... shocking to some awakening for others satisfying for some dissapointing for others The moment of truth it can either make you or  break you to remake you Yet, not everyone has the courage to face that Moment...

Through a Child’s Eye

To see the realty of the world Shed the tinted glasses worn by the minds eye and look at the world through the fresh eyes of the child within you yet alas, that child is taught and moulded what to see and think but not how to see and think


Ego is an indicator of success. If there is still room within you for a big ego that means there is not enough room for work that will make you a success.


Eyes full of love and dreams, born in words full of takes less than a second to make them hollow but tearful with words like knives..

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