Uncharted Path

Following the crowd aimlessly on the well-travelled road... I stumbled upon a rarely treaded footpath while everyone counselled about hardships and advised not to go against the norms I placed one foot in front of the other to cautiously explore the uncharted avenues I met a fellow voyager different he was in many ways from... Continue Reading →


The Phoenix

Words, disguised as promises led me to sky I was soaring up Believing I had the protection of your wings Words, in their true form brought me tumbling down I went past the earth beyond where I was below to a burning dark place Accusing glances burnt me Whispers behind my back scorched and seared... Continue Reading →

The Naked Truth

I hide in darkness scared of light and its brightness I have lost the support of earthlings They manipulate me only focusing on their dealings They change me and twist me I have been deformed and defaced depressed, suppressed and oppressed just so all of you can achieve your purpose And, you know who I... Continue Reading →


Kind eyes looking at me as if I’m the most precious thing in the world A charming smile that makes me forget all the bad days I have had A face with an earnest expression haunting my dreams So I struggle to stay awake then it haunts my every waking moment A deep rich voice... Continue Reading →

The Fading Memory

It has been a long time Sands of time has covered many things When I close my eyes Your picture doesn’t come to my mind So easily The face I knew every inch of Doesn’t come in my dreams very often The sound of your laugh Which always made me smile I can’t remember the... Continue Reading →

Better before you

You read me poetry Gave me the words I wanted to hear You came when I was lost and helped me to find myself But in a blink of an eye You left me stranded in middle of nowhere The loneliness was there even before you came but it was not this painful The darkness... Continue Reading →

The Chameleon

I fit in among diamonds I can wear fir and Prada and walk as if life is a ramp They fall at my feet and trail behind me waiting for my wish which will be their command I fit in among glass and beads I can wear rags and simply walk bare feet They rush... Continue Reading →


I know that you walk beside me but at times I reach for you just to make sure that you are still there I know what you think and I feel how you feel yet, sometimes I ask just to hear you say it I can take care of things alone but sometimes I ask... Continue Reading →

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