Quantifying everything the norm is to assign a digit to everything we see Distance is measured they assign a number for the space between two people so how can there be an unreachable distance between two humans who live under the same roof Knowledge is measured with ranks and scores so how can there be... Continue Reading →


The Serial Killer Within

There are voices within our heads a strong voice commanding us to kill compelling us to ignore the value of time Tick, tock, tick, tock seconds pass by without us realizing the few seconds we waste used with a purpose can make a huge difference in our lives lurking online living our life in social... Continue Reading →

His Death

It was just like any other day the day he died the lucky one, because he died But, it was not like any other day the day I continued to live without him the unlucky one, because I lived first came the gentlemen with polished shoes they removed their shoes oh! their feet were backward I, the... Continue Reading →

Uncharted Path

Following the crowd aimlessly on the well-travelled road... I stumbled upon a rarely treaded footpath while everyone counselled about hardships and advised not to go against the norms I placed one foot in front of the other to cautiously explore the uncharted avenues I met a fellow voyager different he was in many ways from... Continue Reading →

The Phoenix

Words, disguised as promises led me to sky I was soaring up Believing I had the protection of your wings Words, in their true form brought me tumbling down I went past the earth beyond where I was below to a burning dark place Accusing glances burnt me Whispers behind my back scorched and seared... Continue Reading →

The Naked Truth

I hide in darkness scared of light and its brightness I have lost the support of earthlings They manipulate me only focusing on their dealings They change me and twist me I have been deformed and defaced depressed, suppressed and oppressed just so all of you can achieve your purpose And, you know who I... Continue Reading →


Kind eyes looking at me as if I’m the most precious thing in the world A charming smile that makes me forget all the bad days I have had A face with an earnest expression haunting my dreams So I struggle to stay awake then it haunts my every waking moment A deep rich voice... Continue Reading →

The Fading Memory

It has been a long time Sands of time has covered many things When I close my eyes Your picture doesn’t come to my mind So easily The face I knew every inch of Doesn’t come in my dreams very often The sound of your laugh Which always made me smile I can’t remember the... Continue Reading →

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