Kind eyes looking at me as if I’m the most precious thing in the world A charming smile that makes me forget all the bad days I have had A face with an earnest expression haunting my dreams So I struggle to stay awake then it haunts my every waking moment A deep rich voice... Continue Reading →

The Fading Memory

It has been a long time Sands of time has covered many things When I close my eyes Your picture doesn’t come to my mind So easily The face I knew every inch of Doesn’t come in my dreams very often The sound of your laugh Which always made me smile I can’t remember the... Continue Reading →

Better before you

You read me poetry Gave me the words I wanted to hear You came when I was lost and helped me to find myself But in a blink of an eye You left me stranded in middle of nowhere The loneliness was there even before you came but it was not this painful The darkness... Continue Reading →

The Chameleon

I fit in among diamonds I can wear fir and Prada and walk as if life is a ramp They fall at my feet and trail behind me waiting for my wish which will be their command I fit in among glass and beads I can wear rags and simply walk bare feet They rush... Continue Reading →


I know that you walk beside me but at times I reach for you just to make sure that you are still there I know what you think and I feel how you feel yet, sometimes I ask just to hear you say it I can take care of things alone but sometimes I ask... Continue Reading →

The Witch Hunt

The hunt has begun They are chasing me judgmental looks on their faces disgust filling their minds convinced that I should be persecuted just because I have listened to my heart They want to imprison me planning to mold me into one of them wanting to erase my memories just because I have followed my... Continue Reading →

A fiend in love

  I am the center not of the universe but of all your problems I am the wind that fuel wild fires in your life no amount of water no vast cleared spaces can suppress the all-consuming and combustible fires I cause I am the eye of the tornado which violently rotates your well-organized life making a... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Sanctuary

You gathered me into your arms held me close to your heart whispering in my ears that you will take care of me forever all the while you were slowly inching towards the edge When I opened my eyes I was between you and the empty space off the edge you gave me a cold... Continue Reading →

The Virtuous; an illusion

She is a self-declared saint claims she has no remorse yet she spends her days writing lists of the handful of good deeds she has ever done She claims to have a heart filled of pureness yet she spends her days trying to prove that she is above the rest of us She claims she is... Continue Reading →

Fallen greatness

We were great, we were legends we made history we had everything, material and immaterial then we forgot how we became legends we forgot how we made history we forgot that we made it together I thought I did more than you you thought it was you we didn't realize it was a partnership ego... Continue Reading →

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