A Mona Lisa Smile

I wear it the way, the world expect me to eyes sparkling, lips shining a big heart-warming smile yet, all the while the furious voice of my conscience keep on wailing the whole parade is pretentious   I wear it though it’s least expected and the whole world can’t believe I would eyes bright and... Continue Reading →

Uncharted Path

Following the crowd aimlessly on the well-travelled road... I stumbled upon a rarely treaded footpath while everyone counselled about hardships and advised not to go against the norms I placed one foot in front of the other to cautiously explore the uncharted avenues I met a fellow voyager different he was in many ways from... Continue Reading →

The Naked Truth

I hide in darkness scared of light and its brightness I have lost the support of earthlings They manipulate me only focusing on their dealings They change me and twist me I have been deformed and defaced depressed, suppressed and oppressed just so all of you can achieve your purpose And, you know who I... Continue Reading →

The Fading Memory

It has been a long time Sands of time has covered many things When I close my eyes Your picture doesn’t come to my mind So easily The face I knew every inch of Doesn’t come in my dreams very often The sound of your laugh Which always made me smile I can’t remember the... Continue Reading →

Better before you

You read me poetry Gave me the words I wanted to hear You came when I was lost and helped me to find myself But in a blink of an eye You left me stranded in middle of nowhere The loneliness was there even before you came but it was not this painful The darkness... Continue Reading →


I know that you walk beside me but at times I reach for you just to make sure that you are still there I know what you think and I feel how you feel yet, sometimes I ask just to hear you say it I can take care of things alone but sometimes I ask... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Sanctuary

You gathered me into your arms held me close to your heart whispering in my ears that you will take care of me forever all the while you were slowly inching towards the edge When I opened my eyes I was between you and the empty space off the edge you gave me a cold... Continue Reading →

I am your ruin

My feet light as a cat’s I tiptoed in to your life fascinated by all you have endured mesmerized by the depth of your character captivated by the boundlessness of your heart I stayed in your life I was the cool breeze you have been looking for your whole life I was your strength when... Continue Reading →


The sea of life vast and unpredictable has made us all navigators yet, sense of direction is not  everyone's gift But each turn you take  each choice you make can change the journey of another  so have a care to be sensible and sensitive even if you lack the sense of direction Photo credit: 360... Continue Reading →

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