In the eyes of a man I make him seem weak In the eyes of a woman I make her seem ordinary Not my fault… Since birth he is taught that boys don’t cry she is taught that girls are fragile In the stark light of sun I make everyone seem ridiculous & pathetic In... Continue Reading →

The Chameleon

I fit in among diamonds I can wear fir and Prada and walk as if life is a ramp They fall at my feet and trail behind me waiting for my wish which will be their command I fit in among glass and beads I can wear rags and simply walk bare feet They rush... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Sanctuary

You gathered me into your arms held me close to your heart whispering in my ears that you will take care of me forever all the while you were slowly inching towards the edge When I opened my eyes I was between you and the empty space off the edge you gave me a cold... Continue Reading →

Fallen greatness

We were great, we were legends we made history we had everything, material and immaterial then we forgot how we became legends we forgot how we made history we forgot that we made it together I thought I did more than you you thought it was you we didn't realize it was a partnership ego... Continue Reading →

Stranger at the River Bank

I wanted to be alone and myself needed to gather the scattered thoughts and to escape the gloomy spell of social norms casted upon me So I took a walk to the river bank where no one else went Where no else but I thought the river looked beautiful There he was watching the water... Continue Reading →

The Moment of Truth

That Moment... shocking to some awakening for others satisfying for some dissapointing for others The moment of truth it can either make you or  break you to remake you Yet, not everyone has the courage to face that Moment...

Through a Child’s Eye

To see the realty of the world Shed the tinted glasses worn by the minds eye and look at the world through the fresh eyes of the child within you yet alas, that child is taught and moulded what to see and think but not how to see and think


Ego is an indicator of success. If there is still room within you for a big ego that means there is not enough room for work that will make you a success.

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