A fiend in love


I am the center
not of the universe
but of all your problems
I am the wind
that fuel wild fires in your life
no amount of water
no vast cleared spaces
can suppress the
all-consuming and combustible
fires I cause
I am the eye of the tornado
which violently rotates
your well-organized life
making a cumulus cloud in the air
wrenching you out of your roots
I am the tremor
that causes huge waves of Tsunami
displacing everything and everyone
in your life
I know I’m causing
disruption and pain
but I love confusion
Havoc, turmoil and maelstrom
make me thrive and flourish
So I’m not going to
pretend that I’m sorry
about wrecking your life
but I do regret that
you don’t enjoy
the pain and disruption
as much as me


©Vindhya Colombage
Photo credit: ravepad.com

19 thoughts on “A fiend in love

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      1. So true Vindhya how a good and or a bad relationship effects all around us. Such a hard position to be in and I believe all we can do is be good models to those around us and share our experiences in hopes it will help another. So nice reading your works which we see have so much heart in them. Keep it up okay.

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      2. The irony is that pain, torture adventure, mystery, arrogance and mind games are the weird elements that keep the flame burning in many relationships. Surprisingly however, the co-conspirators are quick to deny all of these because they don’t look pretty.

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